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Album Cover Suicidal Tendencies - Freedumb (Side One Dummy)

You know, I loved the first Suicidal Tendencies record and not just for the song about Pepsi either. At the time, they were pretty damned fresh and new and had an amazing sense of humor, compared to a lot of the other punk bands out at the time. If they had just recorded that one record and then bowed out gracefully, their legacy would have been left intact. Then, when people thought about them, they would not only think about the Pepsi song, but they'd wonder why such a great band had never made any more records and theorize on how great they could have become if they had only made more albums.

Unfortunately, that is never the case. So many great debuts are followed by stinker after stinker, with the bands just never knowing when to quit. And then you can't quit, I guess, because you can't bow out gracefully without putting together just one more album as great as that first brilliant release. Such is the case with Suicidal Tendencies. Wavering between being a punk band, a metal band, a Mexican rock band with each new release, their music keeps getting weaker and weaker and less convincing. Hell, at this point it's obvious they're not actually suicidal, because they're fucking old now.

I'm old now, and I was barely 12 when their first album came out. So anyway, this new album? More of the same, with the notable exception of some truly excellent bass work from newcomer Josh Paul. If they're going to keep on doing this, they'd better plan on keeping him on, because he and only he makes this album worthwhile.

by Holly Day