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Gus Van Sant (Pop Secret)

I really had no idea whether I'd like this one or not, but I hoped and prayed and wished with all my heart that this could come close to being as cool as Drugstore Cowboy or the rest of Van Sant's films. Yes, this is the Gus Van Sant, friend and confident and collaborator of William S. Burroughs, famous Hollywood movie guy, and not some band copying his name to get attention.

Anyway, this is great, so campy, with depressing songs about Mom dying and canine best friends and unrequited love, interspersed with chorus lines like "You're so fa fa fa, so fa fa fa, so far away/but not so far you can't send it/in the mail." It's painfully brilliant to listen to, not quite a window into this genius' soul but just enough of a teaser to make you want to know more about the man.

by Holly Day