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Album Cover Various Artists - Hotter Than Hell! An Injection of Psychobilly Madness (Hairball 8 Records)

A fun-filled collection of songs, mostly from California bands (with a few exceptions), revelling in everything redneck and male. I still have not been able to understand the California white-boy mangled-perception obsession with Southern culture, but I'm sure it has something to do with loud guns, cheap whisky, and Daisy Duke's breasts. In fact there's a song on here about big titties: Barnyard Ballers' 'Silicon City'. There's also yet another cover of "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight" on this, contributed by Los Gatos Locos.

I think this whole rebirth of rockabilly must have started when girlies like L7 took over the LA punk scene and turned it from an anti-everything Nazi-punk frat boy collective into the free-for-all the scene is now. Maybe the same thing'll happen to rockabilly in five or six years. I'm glad to see that the upright bass has made such an amazing comeback, just wish more people could bang on it more like The Blacks' Gina Black than a transplanted punk bass guitar player.

by Holly Day