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Humpmuscle - Wichita Drawl (BAM Records)

For those of you who miss the days when Sabbath and Uriah Heap and other big dick guitar bands were in proliferation, Humpmuscle is here for you. Deliciously anachronistic, driving, loud and incredibly powerful, this band grabs everything that was good about power rock and thrash, throws in some really raw and brutal humour - with lines like, "My dad has a boner in his pants/and he's not afraid to use it on anyone" and titles like, 'Fear Me for I am Huge and Made of Metal' - and pulls it off with style.

The band is far from being another one-dimensional cookie-cutter heavy metal band, though--there's even some mellow banjo picking on one track and some Ramones-pop stylings on another. Fucking great shit here-brings out the secret penis in me.

by Holly Day