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Various - Sounds Like Inertia (Inertia)

First compilation from the nascent talents of Inertia Records. The range is varied, from the poolside bliss of The Mighty Strinth's "What Is It?" to the flickering of drum and bass that graces Hefner's "Fiendish", Sounds Like Inertia manages to suggest a continents worth of new talent is sheltering under its umbrella. A few oddities are chucked in for good measure like broken glass into a punch-bowl, like Grand Nip's Psycore remix, but in the main Sounds Like Inertia seeks to recreate and expand the edgy incidental music of the Film Noir into full-blown epics. Its been done before, most notably by Ninja Tunes' Amon Tobin and Journeyman but Inertia tread more carefully, Philip Marlowe to the Ninja's Mickey Spillane.

by Rob Lowe

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