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Various Artists - JBO: A Perspective 1988-1998 (Junior Boy's Own)

This is not only a comprehensive selection of JBO releases from the past decade, it's also a definitive collection of what was best about the '80s-90s so far as dance and electronic music goes. Some of the absolute classics included on the disc are New Order's 'Everything's Gone Green', My Bloody Valentine's 'Soon', The Chemical Brothers' 'Song to the Siren' and Underworld's 'Moaner'.

Some of the "Really Big Names" in music included on this disc are U2, Björk, and Simply Red (which isn't such a big name anymore but I can remember way back when it was). This was a label that took a lot of big chances when they first started out and ended up being at the forefront of an entire musical movement.

by Holly Day.