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Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Too Tough to Die (Liberation Records)

This disc is perfect for those out there that really liked the music of The Ramones' first few records but didn't like "The Ramones" as a band name - "Jon Cougar Concentration Camp" is definitely a much better name for a band.

However, in The Ramones' defence, there was no way for them to pick that as their original name since Jon Cougar was still doing something or another wherever the hell it was he was at the time The Ramones hit the scene and not a big enough musical presence to poke fun at yet.

Okay, anyway: this disc is just a bunch of Ramones' covers, competently performed but poorly recorded, which is kind of frustrating to listen to but very punk rock. I'm sure somewhere down the line, this band will get sued out of existence by the Mellancamp family and go the way of REO Speedealer (now simply, "Speedealer"), but hopefully not for a while.

by Holly Day