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Album Cover Jimi Tenor - Organism (Warp)

Tenor inhabits a world a long way to the left of the lines that mark the end of the leftfield. "Organism" is what happens if you let fat seventies funk fuck with a derailed sense of humour. 'Total Devestation' opens with dirty great licks of chocolate guitar and Tenor's laughably tinny vocals. This is Air in velvet flares and a Haiwan shirt.

No-one or thing is safe from Tenor's parody, 'Serious Love' lurches around leering at passers-by, while the backdrop to 'My Mind' witnesses Tenor's undistorted and undisguised vocals. Not since Dinosaur Jnr. first slammed his bollocks in a drawer to reach the high notes has a falsetto sounded so strange. "Organism" lives in 1983, Billy Ocean meets Kraftwerk, and not even the stage school moans and bubbling Detroit techno of 'Year of the Apocalypse' can take that away from him.

by Rob Lowe.