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Jorge Luis Ayer - Jorge Luis Ayer (H.O.L.A. Recordings)

While this has the potential to be something really great: nice horns, nice rhythm section, good recording quality, the final package comes off as the soundtrack for a very long commercial about either the Caribbean, Miami, or some other hot and tropical resorty place. It's the sort of music that if you actually did hear it in the 30-second background of such a commercial, you might think, "Wow, what a cool soundtrack," but as something to sit and listen to in its entirety, it falls way short of engaging.

It lacks passion, for one thing. I like my Latin music to be painful and soul-wrenching, or blouse-ripping sultry, and this is neither. Another thing that kills this for me is all the cheesy Yuppie organ/bad synth music in it. The songs that do feature this atrocious instrument fall dangerously close to becoming Lovemaking Music for Aging Yuppies and that is never good.

by Holly Day.