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Kevin Doherty - Strange Weather (Key Recordings)

Destiny called Kevin Doherty to a solo career. There's no other explanation for the ease with which he puts together 'Strange Weather', an album that sounds so natural you can't help but think Doherty was born to do this. The ex-singer/songwriter with Four Men And A Dog still retains the folk/roots influences but stirs them up in his remarkable melting-pot with the likes of David Gray and David Byrne. In fact, with such a seamlessly stitched collection of influences, it's near impossible to pigeonhole the Donegal-born artist.

Kevin Doherty's music is Irish/American, pop/folk/country with a laid back, contemporary feel; like Johnny Cash after too much Guinness or Sean Keane without the narrow outlook on what's classic. But somehow, not quite as little as that. What I'm trying to say is: you may not think it fits in with your tastes but 'Strange Weather' is beyond genre. It's country music for everybody - universally appealing.

by Michael Gleeson.