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Album Cover Diana Krall - When I look in your eyes (GRP)

I heard about Diana Krall from an American friend while living in Spain. I got the album "All for You", a dedication to the Nat King Cole trio, on my return and was hooked. For anyone who understands the sensuality of food then 'Frim Fram Sauce' should be a theme song. Her latest CD would be worth buying for its beautiful CD case alone. Lots of pictures of Diana and sunlight on tumbling waves with the CD cover opening up to reveal a little booklet with song titles and dedications. One of the prettiest cases I've ever seen.
Fortunately you'll realise there's a whole lot more to this when you slip the CD into your player. Diana Krall is a gifted singer and pianist and fortunately will be visiting our shores in December. On this latest album she gives some classic jazz and blues tunes her own unique twist, with such tracks as 'Let's face the music and dance', 'I can't give you anything but love' and 'The best thing for you'. Cole Porter's 'I've got you under my skin' never sounded so seductive.
Diana has a velvety voice that creeps into your head and heart until you just melt into its deep warmth. The swishing of the drums and the delicate strains of the violins give added depth and richness to the songs and on some of the songs she is backed by an orchestra. But above all, it's the combination of her fantastic piano playing and evocative voice that makes her so outstanding. It's the type of CD you would lie on your bed and dream of love to or snuggle up in front of a blazing fire while listening. Her voice has an amazing range and there are a sufficient number of fast and slow songs on this to keep everyone happy. And once you listen to this you will be happy. Indulge yourself and buy it.

by Celine O'Malley.