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Album Cover Victor Krummenacher - Saint John's Mercy (Magnetic Records)

Camper Van Beethoven alumni Victor Krummenacher's newest release is a series of Southwest-tinged musical portraits of isolation and desolation, slow-paced and more than sad-almost hopeless - but wistful and beautiful as well. The guitar work on this is fantastic, perfectly-paced twangy electric and some very nice bluesy steel, all adding to the images of tumbleweeds blowing across the desert as the cowboy limps into the horizon, gun cocked to blow his brains out against a monochromatic landscape.

In 'The Expanse' the guitar/drum/vocal set is joined by Chris Xefos (King Missile, Moth Wranglers) on an organ so pure that it should be in church. This whole disc has a very serious feel to it; the personnel putting it together were serious about their music, their skills as musicians, and the disc in general. Sometimes this is annoying and causes the finished project to come across as techno-geek wanking-here, however, this was the only approach to take to make this CD work as well as it does.

by Holly Day.