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Album Cover Lewis Parker - Masquerades & Silhouettes (Melankolic)

It's not difficult to imagine what Lewis Parker's bedroom looks like. Masquerades and Silhouettes suggests that Lewis is rather impatient for the next instalment of the Star War's trilogy - in fact that's putting it mildly. Lewis Parker is the kind of individual who probably spends the best part of a sunny weekend running around the house, blinds down, dressed in a cloak waving a plastic light-saber.

Masquerades & Silhouettes contains endless references to Mr Lucas's franchise and in some sense purports to be an additional part of the trilogy with Parker telling stories of his adventures as a Jedi Knight fighting tuskan raiders and dark Empires. It would be easy to dismiss Parker as an incurable retard, his imagination stunted to the extent that he has borrow his lyrical inspiration from a kids' sci-fi trilogy, but Masquerades is musically as sophisticated as a Nightmares on Wax or DJ Krush track. The huge contrast between the intuitively laid beats and samples and the twelve-year old Jedi lyrics suggest that one day Lewis Parker could prove to be one of the UK hip-hop scene's greatest assets - when he grows up.

by Rob Lowe

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