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Lionrock - City Delirious (Deconstruction)

Another paean to the joys of living in a city. This time its Lionrock who set their sights on bringing the metropolitan experience to your door in a cardboard box - minus the cheese. In its favour City Delirious offers a taxi-rank's worth of destinations, south for the Monkey Mafia clone Rude Boy Rock, due north for the Sabres loaned rippling techno of Best Foot Forward and a cheeky joyride in David Holmes car to Soho for Canal Heist and Zip Gun Rumble - a track desperate for a Michael Caine cameo. The price of such diversity is inevitably cat-calls of plagiarism since City Delirious's influences aren't so much worn on sleeves as tattooed on foreheads making it less a portrait of city life and more of a Crimewatch photo-fit.

by Robert Lowe