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Album Cover Momus - The Little Red Songbook (Le Grande Magistery)

Even when he's being a total misogynist prick, Momus breaks my heart. He can say the most awful things and make them come across as a love song; his underlying self-loathing is beautiful and contagious. His newest, "The Little Red Songbook," is set up as a series of neo-baroque songs done entirely on keyboard. He is the only person I know who freely admits to being inspired to compose an entire album after playing around on Encarté (yes, the CD-ROM encyclopaedia).

The songs here are all about how all women want to have sex with him, MC Escher (the impossible rapper), homosexuality, the plague, women he's slept with, and - oh, yeah - "Coming in a Girl's Mouth." The last 9 tracks on this CD consist of purely instrumental versions of choice songs on this disc for Momus fans to play for karaoke purposes. There's also information on how to submit your versions of Momus songs to the "Momus Karoake Parody Competition", which promises to bring the winner eternal glory.

by Holly Day.