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Album Cover krystapinzch - the miraculous mandarin

Despite the bizarre name, which must drive DJs crazy, krystapinzch are a bit of a sensation in Aussie-land with no. 2 spots in both the album and singles charts under their belts. They're largely unknown over here, but that could very easily change in the wake of Mercury Rev's success. krystapinzch also play guitar-based alternative music, but they are much more influenced by British post-punk acts than the US lot. Their downbeat sound has drawn comparisons with the Smiths, Joy Division and the Church, but to this reviewers ears, they sound more like Billy Bragg singing with the Red House Painters. Whatever comparisons you draw, 'though, their sound is very much based on that depressed post-punk sound of Thatcher's Britain.

They do it well, and going by lyrics like:
"mum i'm stuck in a scottish country western song
and i canna shoot ma way oot" (shootup at the i'm ok/you're ok coral),
they don't take themselves too seriously. This isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, an upbeat album, in fact, a lot of people would call it downright depressing, but people say the same about Leonard Cohen and the Smiths. If you're one of those people who can enjoy "depressing" music and be perversely cheered by the sound of other people's misery, then this is for you.

by Donnacha DeLong