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Mark Hansen - piano solos - australian birdsong improvisations (Plateau Road)

A collection of music based around the sounds of Australian birds. Jesus, that sounds like the worst drug fuelled excesses of your average '70s ambient artist. Exactly what value is there in recording birds?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Mr. Hansen starts off with the melodies of the birds, matches it with his piano and then builds some very tasty bits of piano on top. Thankfully, he resists the temptation to experiment all over the place with minor chords and other awful stuff.

Mark Hansen sticks to the melody and produced a very nice collection of music. It's mellow and relaxing, the perfect background music for a candle-lit dinner. It is in danger of falling into the coffee-table category, but, while it won't set the world alight, it is very pleasant.

Some of those birdsongs are really catchy.

by Donnacha DeLong