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Various Artists - All Done With Mirrors (Le Grand Magistery)

An absolutely beautiful compilation featuring such acts as Momus, Mr. Wright, and Laila France, among others - okay, I admit it, I'm a hard-core closet lounge music addict. The smoother the grooves, the cheesier the synth, the wordier the songs - the deeper I fall in love with the music.

Even more so, Momus is the false idol of my personal yet-unnamed religion, and anything that he is even the slightest participant in is automatically special and wonderful and destined to be a permanent fixture in my burgeoning music collection. So the fact that he has 5 whole tracks on this disc should be enough to make anyone rush out and buy this disc. Mr. Wright is also fabulous, beautiful, depressing, and one of the few performers out there that can say he's found true love and sound like he's about to die of heartbreak at the same time.

Really, everything on here is cool, even the corny, badly recorded contribution from anachronistic 60's throwback Mike Sheldon.

by Holly Day