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Album Cover Modesty Blaise - A Beginners Guide to Modesty Blaise (Apricot)

Modesty Blaise are as unashamedly retro as Austin Powers, this CD sounds more like something from my mother's record collection than a 1999 release. This band wants to be part of the jet set, but the jet set of 1967 - partying in San Francisco, holidaying in Europe, hanging out with the Beach Boys, the Mamas and Papas and Jefferson Airplane.

The CD is a soundtrack to that wishful thinking, bearing the stamp of the afore-mentioned bands and a certain other retro star, Edwyn Collins, who helped them out with guitar and production. In fact, Modesty Blaise' lead singer is a Johnny Collins and bears a definite vocal resemblance to Edwyn, any relation? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this CD if late 60s psychedelic pop is your bag, man, Modesty Blaise have created a perfect time-capsule of 1967. It definitely makes a welcome change from the oh-so-boring guitar retro of Brit Pop.

by Donnacha DeLong