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Modus Operandi - Modus Operandi (Street Value Records)

To complain that a band sounds too much like another band, at this point, is pretty ridiculous. Unless a band is doing something practically unheard of, like, complete deviation from the 12-tone/8-tone scale or taking samples of farm animals and rush-hour traffic and setting them to an electro-industrial beat (and making it sound like music, not just random, irritating noise), there is always going to be another band that sounds exactly like the one you're listening to.

There're just too many people doing the music-thing right now, and they're doing a pretty damned good job of covering all the possibilities out there.

So saying, Modus Operandi is a lot like Rage Against the Machine, or even more like the Beastie Boys if they had a real band backing them up. While the music isn't the most original (see above paragraph), they do a good job within the stylistic genre and pull the Angry White Boy Rappin' with Guitars thing off quite well. There are also some interesting little tidbits of dialogue between the tracks about killing people, shooting up, and just bein' bad in general. Opening line from the opening track: "Disco always sucked a lot/Your little sister's really hot." Need I say more?

by Holly Day