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Momus - 20 Vodka Jellies (Le Grande Magistery)

[image: album cover] This disc is absolutely heart-wrenchingly gut-tinglingly beautiful, and I swear I will never say this about another CD I get in. Over the past month I have listened to this probably 20 or 30 times, and I still like it each time. And this is coming from someone who has made a religion about never watching the same thing on tv twice and gives away her entire CD collection to relatives and friends each Christmas.

Momus has made a name for himself overseas as a perversely sweet punk rock lounge singer, crooning his away through songs about anorexic girls and heroin and Japanese fashion (one of his biggest hits in Japan was a song he wrote for a makeup commercial that was originally never intended to be released as a single). He literally purrs as he sings, completely nonthreatening while still coming across as completely sexy and as macho as any cock rock band out there. There's a really cool cover of the Buzzcock's 'Orgasm Addict' here, as well as early Momus songs written for his first band, "The Happy Family."

by Holly Day