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Album Cover Various Artists - Motor City Blues (Alive)

The difference between this blues compilation and something from one of the mellower, major labels out there is that this CD focuses on the raw, painful power of the blues, the hard rock n' roll aspect of the genre that was especially dominant in '70's Detroit. This is the kind of blues that comes from trudging to shit-jobs in the middle of winter just to keep a roof over your head and your family from freezing to death. This ain't the type of blues that you can get from tea-totalling old men picking calmly away to a tepid crowd of middle-aged men and women.

This particular brand of blues is a good example of why punk labels are more uniquely qualified to release blues compilations than, say, someone who handles Billy Mann or Johnny Lang. This is the real thing, and it hurts all the way down to the soul to hear it. Just a couple of names to get you out the door to buy this: Eddie Burns, Eddie Kirkland, Little Mack Collins. Now go!

by Holly Day.