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Mucho Macho - The Limehouse Link (Wiija)

Mucho Macho's debut album is the latest offering in the increasingly predictable big beat genre. True to form it's all very formulaic and never breaks out of the genre it's chained to.

'The Octamed Tapes' could be an original James Bond score for the 90s, but No Disco favourite 'Rap is Really Changin'' sounds increasingly tired. 'Lightning' is their Block Rockin' Beat - they shouldn't have bothered. 'SKOOBY' starts off all disco before dissolving into a potential club classic that DJs will lap up. Unfortunately, the ordinary clubber who buys this record will have to listen to the whole song, which becomes tedious long before it ends. Mucho Macho need to realise that their music needs to be as attractive to the average stereo owner as it is to Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong.

'The Airport Freeze' is the big grower on the album; after originally thinking it sounded like bad Propellerheads it's now one of my favourite tracks.

They finally make an effort to break free from their shackles with 'You Will Burn' which sounds like something by Doc. Scott interspersed by those increasingly cliched Rockafeller Skank-ish moments.

Nevertheless, there's enough here to suggest that if the big beat fad lasts they could well turn into the cream of the big beat crop along with the Chemical Brothers and Norman Cook.

by Neil Callanan