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Album Cover New Bomb Turks - At Rope's End (Epitaph)

As much as I love this CD, there's just nothing that compares to a New Bomb Turks show. Lead singer Eric Davidson works a crowd as expertly as a good-guy perverted Las Vegas lounge singer, pointing out people in the audience that he'd like to have a drink with afterwards as well as people that are just too ridiculous for words (the last show I saw of them, my boyfriend's dopey roommate had just dyed his hair pink and had fashioned the strands to look like little devil horns. Needless to say, he was singled out for ridicule).

The rest of their show consists of the band stripping, inviting other people to come up on stage to get naked, and Eric deep-throating the microphone. The music itself is just plain old-fashioned high-adrenaline punk rock for the most part with the occasional saxophone and accordion. But man, when these guys are live, they're a fucking event.

by Holly Day