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Album Cover Vinnie & the Stardusters - Novelty Music for Casual Sex (Gourmandizer)

Oh, what the hell, it's fucking brilliant. I went into this one completely objectively, actually planning on hating it because of all the wonderful press it's gotten, so I guess that's not really objectively, and I give up, I love it. Just when you think it's getting too cute for words; it does the 360 into depravity, and vice versa.

'Sesame Street/L.A. Woman' couldn't be a more perfect song to open this album with. It takes you (well, me) completely by surprise as well as prepares the listener for the crazy silly mayhem to come, such as the cover of Patsy Cline's 'Walking After Midnight' (here, titled 'Stalkin' After Midnight') and the warped version of The Cure's "Boy's Don't Cry (again, here it's "Bake My Pie," and it's about cooking). There's something here for everyone with a sense of humor, there's even pictures of naked men with guitars on the cover, which we like, very much, oh yeah.

by Holly Day