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No Wings, Fins or Fuselage - Seriously Groovy (Saucer Records)

Ever wonder what the Pixies would have sounded like if they were crap. Well, look no further. This third-rate, outer space obsessed album even rips off 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' on 'Salt Water'. 'Get out of My Way', on the other hand, sounds like Nirvana on speed. This has all been done before and it's been done far better. There's nothing original to recommend it or to cause it to emerge from the cesspit of mundanity it creates for itself.

The lyrics are even worse:

"I feel so very sick,
Green slime growing on my arms,
Green shit on my legs,
This stuff thick in my head"


If you want hear this album done far better buy "Doolittle".

by Neil Callanan.