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Owl - Frozen in Time (Owllywodo)

There's something incredibly sweet and naive about the way these songs are arranged and delivered, even when the singer is talking about sex, bondage, and murder. The voice is just a little bit off-key, giving it this really indefinable delicate quality-which sounds like a cop-out to me even as I type it, but this guy is just hard to pin down. It's almost like lounge music with nice piano and violin and female backup singers, reminds me a lot of the stuff Lou Reed was doing in the early days of the Velvet Underground (his songs about nature and love, that is, not the heroin ones). The lyrics come across as simple and almost stupid one paper, but for some reason, this whole thing works marvelously as a whole. It's just....sweet, that's all, that's the impression I'm left with every time I listen to this.

by Holly Day

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