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Album Cover Various Artists - Pet Sounds, Volume One (Vital Cog Records)

A pretty cool collection of songs, contributed by a wide variety of artists to benefit ALTER (Animal Liberation through Education and Reform), a group that runs around trapping, neutering, and releasing homeless cats, as well as providing inoculations and helping with extraordinary medical expenses for cats and dogs. Thus saying, it's to be expected that some of the songs here are pretty heavy stuff, from Magnapop's song 'Cherry Bomb', which is, I think, about rape, to Lisa Germano's "Starfish," a beautiful song about a pro-lifer killing a woman about to get an abortion.

But it's not all doomy and gloomy. Silkworm's 'Dead Animals' is pretty funny, all about some guy who used to eat meat but doesn't anymore, while Adviso'Hara's 'Better Living Through Chemistry' is about girls who do drugs. Other notable contributors to this project are Sonny Sixkiller, Cinerama, and My Dad is Dead, genre-wise, this disc leans more towards the dream-pop side of things, but there are enough rockin' tunes here to balance the whole thing out very nicely.

by Holly Day