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Album Cover The Prayer Boat - Polichinelle (Setanta)

"Polichinelle" is 11 songs of impeccably crafted melancholy that wrenches your heart out in sympathy for those about whom Emmett Tinley sings. It features some older material, such as 'Saved', one of the Irish singles of the decade that sadly never reached the size of audience it should have. Amazingly, the other songs live with this masterpiece and don't disappoint in comparison.

'It Hurts to Lose You' is a song of beauty and introspective melancholy, reminiscent of Jeff Buckley's 'Lover, You Should have Come Over' in its effect, and title-track 'Polichinelle' is simply superb. "Polichinelle" took 3 years to make. Hopefully, their next album won't take so long and will see their careers rise to higher waters.

by Neil Callanan