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Album Cover Pollo del Mar - The Ocean is Not For Cowards (POP Records)

It's really hard to distinguish most surf guitar bands from one another, and it almost seems pointless to try. Some of them are faster than others, use more distortion than others, or are just slow and mellow and more something to groove to than actually do anything to.

I guess this disc falls under the slightly-distorted category, mid range speed so far as the guitar playing goes, and not a lot of wanking going on, just straight jamming. The real beauty to these songs actually lies not in the songs themselves, but in their titles. With names like "Take Your Clothes Off" and "Erik Estrada", how can you lose? Or if you're slightly more pessimistic than me, how can you win?

Actually, with "Erik Estrada", as a song itself, you can't lose. The dialog is in Spanish (which I'm far from fluent in), but it sounds like someone talking to his television while masturbating to ChiPs.

by Holly Day