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Polytour - Le Roi des Jongleurs

Polytour appears to be an attempt to put a jazzy funk into the accordion without deleting its traditional past. This album is obviously intended to promote the accordion but holds back a little, as the instrument has always been one of limited appeal.

The CD was recorded in Haarlem in the Netherlands, but, in its jazzier moods, it conjures up images of smoke filled Prohibition-defying, back street clubs in the 1920s where much of the early jazz innovation had its roots and its fan base.

However, you can't get over the fact that the accordion is somewhat boring and you find yourself losing interest at points throughout the CD.

Nevertheless, you can still imagine listening pleasantly to this album in a rural, French cafe with the sun setting in the distance. It is there that this music belongs, not in an urban sprawl.

by Neil Callanan