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Album Cover Various Artists - Generations I: A Punk Look at Human Rights (Ark 21)

This disc came just in time to remind me what I originally loved about punk rock-sometimes, after listening to it all day long, I start to wonder if my dad was right all those years ago and that it all really was just noise. This disc features some of the Grand Poobahs from the '80's punk scene, including Excene Cervenkova, Joe Strummer, and The Vandals, plus a lot of other cool surprises, including a Vandals cover by Assorted Jelly Beans and a cover of "They're Coming to America" (hell if I know who did the original) by Me First & the Gimme Gimmes.

Also on here are Pansy Division and the Mr. T Experience-like I said, all the classics are here. And, just like those wonderful old vinyl punk rock compilations, the liner notes are full of political commentary, including a reprint of the first 30 Articles of the Declaration of Independence. Only diff is that this is a CD and if this had been punk rock '80's vinyl, there would have been a huge, kick-ass poster inside, and probably some stickers, too. Ah, nostalgia....

by Holly Day

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