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Radiator - Radiator (Chrysalis)

Two names kept popping into my head while listening to Radiator's debut - Bush and Bon Jovi. No, I hadn't been taking copious amounts of Smarties, though I did find the after effects similar. A dull headache and a sickly, hollow feeling in my stomach.

This album is about 15 years out of synch. While the rest of the world has been going through the metamorphosis of indie, house, navel gazing and the downright cheesy, Radiator have clearly adhered to the rulebook of guitar-based rock by numbers.

Radiator have been deemed "The New Bush", a thought that surely sends ice cold shivers down many spines. There are also slightly Kula Shaker moments here making the whole thing as appealing (to me) as minute steak to an eco-warrior. The opening track 'I am' is one of the stronger, establishing the noise-fest that is to come. Though all I could hear was vintage Jovi ("Keep the faith"), the song was rescued somewhat by some hair line techno elements. The levels come down for 'Untitled Lovesong', a mellow strumming affair which improves proceedings a little. Then it's back to the guitar crunching.

Stand back folks, there's nothing to see here. And even though I'm not a Bush fan, a song like 'Swallowed' kicks Radiator's butt any day of the week.

Maybe I'm getting old. But I heard too much of this in the cringe inducing 80s and the confused early 90s. Poodle rock revival? No thanks; I've just eaten.

by Anne-Louise Foley