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Various Artists - Re-Evolution (Flying Rhino)

'Re-Evolution' is a double CD compiled by a record company only too willing to embrace the future. Call it a showcase of Flying Rhino talent, past, present and future: a stepping stone on the bridge to better things. Because this company is destined for one-way travel in the general direction of UP.

CD1 is mixed by The Bumbling Loons' James Monro, and mixed in immaculate fashion to the needs of a beats-loving fan-base. Slide's 'Unobtanium' hammers its way through to the Blue Planet Corporation's 'Micromega'... and on to Atmos' 'Klein Aber Doctor'. Exhilaratingly break-beat in places with enough trance to feed a field of hungry ravers.

CD2, mixed by Cass, keeps the same formula. Sometimes downbeat it never deserts its trance roots, running from Boom Devil's 'Lonesome' through Slide's 'Confusional State' to Bumbling Loons' 'Rumbling Toon……………'.

And, while some parts are less soul-infiltrating than others, this album is one well worth owning. In the future, I believe, this music, this CD, will be regarded as classic; one of those rarities that pops up in record stores for extortionate prices. Only this time, it might actually be worth it.

by Michael Gleeson