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Album Cover Basement Jaxx - Remedy (XL Recordings)

After 'Red Alert', it would have been easy to dismiss Basement Jaxx as Daft Punk wannabes with more varied but less catchy lyrics. "Remedy" explodes such preconceptions, sending them to the recesses of your mind as you are taken on a journey of innovation in house. Even the classification 'house' does not accurately reflect their music, there are elements of fuck, jazz, latino and techno thrown in to occasional awe-inspiring effect.

Strangely, instead of sampling other DJs they often get them to sing instead. Eric Morillo, Junior Sanchez and DJ Sneak are just some of the household names to be so honoured. Sonique has a lot to answer for. While it isn't always the most entrancing album, "Remedy" is bound to be one of the most innovative and successful dance records of the year.

by Neil Callanan