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The Mighty Strinth - What is it? (Inertia)

What is it indeed. The answer is jazz-infused drum and bass for the most part. Which is a pity, because the complex melodic inflections of the tracks are crying out for beats that do more than skim over the surface. 'Ransom' starts promisingly with a womb like melody and glittering strings, but it rapidly loses its depth the minute the beats cut in over a fat wibbly sax on day-release from a Sting album.

'Wait Again' builds up only to deliver a drum n' bass-lite track, which you've heard a hundred times, most recently on the 4 Hero LP. Its frustrating to hear beautifully constructed intros suddenly turn into timeworn cop-show dynamics.

True, every now and again The Mighty Strinth produce a track you can't argue with. 'Cars' has a groove like the Panama canal, the title track remains a blissed out beauty which feels like you were born knowing it, but even the 'Monkham Hall' Gregorian chants can't dispel a less welcome sense of deja vu. The Mighty Strinth do their best to squeeze the last drop of quality out of an increasingly tired formula, but it's fair to say that if they broadened their horizons just a little then at least the first part of their name would make sense.

by Rob Lowe.