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The Blue Whale - Shimmy Disc

I think this is what the Beatles would have sounded like if they'd let Yoko Ono join the band. There are all sort of strange computer-enhanced tracks that sound almost underwater and fuzzy, with soft, ethereal vocals that almost sound like another instrument in the song instead of the focal point. Parts of this I hate - sometimes, there are just too many things going on in these songs to draw attention to any one thing except the noise) and other parts I absolutely love: "Do Not Make Me Cry" and "The Cloud Goes Slow" are two beautiful examples of what is just So Right with this disc. "John Lennon is Tired" is a nice parody of what John Lennon would sound like if he had been in the recording studio for about 12 days too long, but as a song in itself, it starts to get a little wearing after a while.

by Holly Day

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