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The Users - Friendly (Bloody Daggre)

The Users are Americans stuck in a time warp. Their songs are reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, although they claim Pink Floyd as more of an influence. However, this band doesn't even approach the footslopes of those legends. It starts promisingly with 'Comin' Down' having enough moments to call it an above average song, but 'Loveless Life' is poor and 'Jam Time' is self-indulgent trash. 'The Meld' on the other hand is a melody of beauty and an instrumental to be proud of.

'Vodka Wisconsin Orgy' is poor and the less said of 'Meyoh-Myeoh' the better. 'Bone Picker' sounds like Joy Division warbling and fails to excite. 'YBIF' is just dreadful toned-down Marilyn Manson. The other songs lack originality and have been done far better. If The Users want to make a living out of music they should consider becoming a cover band.

by Neil Callanan