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Album Cover gusgus - (This is Normal - (4AD Records)

With their debut "Polydistortion", gusgus appeared to be one of a growing group of bands & DJs examining the cinematic scope of dance while at the same time creating a web of hypnotic, head-nodding beats. Boards of Canada, David Holmes and label-mates Thievery Corporation are the other obvious examples of this innovation.

As usual, they indulge their own very strange fantasies - which appear to be quite normal in Iceland, perhaps the reason for the album title - such as genital shaving ('Ladyshave'), a low-key suggestion of paedophilia ('Teenage Sensation') and confused sexuality ('Dominique'). On the downside, 'Bambi' sounds like poor Mercury Rev and 'Ladyshave' sounds tired after repeating listening. "(This is Normal" doesn't raise the hairs on your neck the way "Polydistortion" did, but it's still an above average album.

by Neil Callanan