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Album Cover Various - Unsealed: A Tribute To The Go-Go's (4 Alarm Recordings)

Best part of this disc are Chainsaw Kittens' anti-Go-Go's rendition of "We Got the Beat". Somehow, they managed to suck all the giggly, girly vitality of the original and turn it into a killer death dirge that sounds like the band can barely hold itself upright during the performance. Second best part of this is The Frogs' very strange rendition of "Vacation," which sounds as though the fabulous Flemion brothers lured a couple of kids to come over and ape lead vocals over some cheesy pre-recorded synth tracks. The rest of the disc, however, for the most part comes off like the bands were desperately trying to capture the Go-Go's "essence" in their assigned covers without leaving too much room for improvisation.

by Holly Day.