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Album Cover Van Morrison - Back On Top (Exile/ Virgin)

Prolific and consistent, Van Morrison can do no wrong. His 33-year career has earned him legendary status all over the world. A Grammy Award last year for his blues collaboration merely marked the pinnacle of his achievements. Now, he's 'Back On Top'.

Drawing inspiration from blues, jazz, folk, R&B and Celtic music, Morrison has an innate knowledge of music: how to write it, how to record it and how to present it. That's why "Back On Top" glares with immaculate sheen. Ten tracks about love, loss, loneliness, and living in exile. An hour of personal emotion laid bare. A wandering testament to the career of a revered musician.

Who'd ever expect Van Morrison to release a poor or even average record? Who'd ever expect Van Morrison to be anything less than superb? You may not listen to him but you gotta admire him. That's why "Back On Top" will certainly keep the punters in the tent.

by Michael Gleeson.