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!Viva Malpache! - Los Greatest Hits de !Viva Malpache! (Grita!)

This is a dangerous disc to listen to late at night, because 3 seconds into the fucker I always want to crank it way, way up. The opening track, 'Let's Go', is an awesome combination of ska, polka, and borderline thrash, and couldn't be a more perfect song to open this disc with.

Me and my son usually put this on around noon, turn it way up, and then jump around like lunatics on the furniture for the full 3+ minutes of the first song. Luckily, Track 2 is much, much more mellow, and gives us a chance to relax and catch our breaths. This band is everything. They rock, they croon, they scream and shout, they make you want to run around in little bitty circles and pull your hair out just for the hell of it, they even disco.

And they can play together, which puts them well at the forefront of most of the bands out there. The packaging of this disc is awesome as well, there's a picture of a Mexican wrestler on the cover sitting at a bar with a pretty girl hanging all over him, with a big marquee-style lettering above the picture proclaiming the album's title. It's hard to explain, but it practically reads itself out loud to you in a Mexican wrestling announcer's voice. Highly, highly recommended.

by Holly Day