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Voivod - Phobos (Slipdisc)

Back in the early '90s, Voivod were at the forefront of the experimental metal/crossover scene that thankfully killed off Guns n' Roses and paved the way for the success of bands like Nirvana, NIN and Ministry. Along with Soundgarden and Faith No More, Voivod broke the rules of hard music and change the style of music known as Heavy Metal forever. Then, after the release of the brilliantly psychedelic "Angel Rat" in '91, they were left by the Seattle explosion and the subsequent popularity of all things alternative.

"Phobos" is the third new album since "Angel Rat" and shows perfectly why they were left behind. Voivod belong to the era when metal bands simply added alternative elements to their music, but stayed metal.

"Phobos" features a few nice electro and indus intros to the songs, but then virtually every one descends into a morass of shouting, screaming and run of the mill Heavy Metal. Soundgarden had the right idea, splitting up before they became completely irrelevant. Voivod, unfortunately, take their place beside FNM, continuing to release albums that, in these days of Marilyn Manson, are hopelessly dated.

by Donnacha DeLong

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