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Album Cover Rube Waddell - Stink Bait (Vaccination)

It's hard to explain exactly what this disc is. It's a collection of strange, almost-folk songs about death, the White House, and odd people, all performed on harmonica, jug, a variety of percussion "instruments" (including a 1978 El Camino), and kazoo, along with several different guitars.

It's just plain crazy, man; down to the tin box the CD's packaged in, which is made to look like something you'd buy sardines or bait in. I'm not sure if the songs in here are about Rube Waddell in any way, since I'm not a big baseball fanatic. However, after listening to this disc, I have this strange compulsion to look up stats on the late great to find out exactly why this band named themselves after him.

by Holly Day