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Warm - Make You Worry (B-Group)

If every supposedly innovative rock band sounded like this, the world would be a lifeless place. Warm describe themselves as "Lenny Kravitz meets Roxy Music" and if you take a while to consider that juxtaposition you'll get what I'm trying to say.

'Better Place' begins the album, a NIN-type slap bass number with all the melody of a dented coke can tumbling down a deserted back alley. 'What's it For' and 'Did I Make You Worry' are more listenable but only in comparison to the turgid bollocks that makes up the remainder of the LP.

To call 'Make You Worry' over-produced Joy Division with pianos is near the truth. This is depressing, the kind of album that should never be released on an unstable public.

Overall, Warm show themselves as a crowd of derivative musicians. The bits and pieces of a painful array of influences all come together in a limp cacophony of miasmic noise. The last three tracks are remixes: adding some bleeps does not improve the tunes. The horror, the horror.

by Michael Gleeson