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Album Cover Wendy Carlos - Tales of Heaven & Hell (East Side Digital)

While no one ever accused keyboardist extraordinaire Wendy (formerly Walter) Carlos of being the happiest camper in the park, man, this stuff is bleak! In her revisitation of the soundtrack she composed for Stanley Kubrick's "Clockwork Orange" (titled 'Clockwork Black'), she's added the extra touch of having wailing and sobbing human voices in the background, arranging the piece like choir music from a dead future populated by cripples with synthesiser voiceboxes (chanting "We are the damned") and Gregorian monks.

Her "City of Temptation" features crashing kettle drums paired with a variety of synth-piano sounds (organ, piano, electric piano, etc), sweeping the listener into something that could be the theme song for a TV series about Miami cops in Hell. The advancements in synthesiser technology have done nothing but help Ms. Carlos. She has taken advantage of the best the industry has to offer and produced something absolutely amazing here.

by Holly Day.