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Will Sing for Food - the songs of Dwight Yoakum - Various Artists (Little Dog)

This album is a benefit for the homeless, so hopefully it will sell by the bucketload on that basis alone. It is very difficult to mess up a good song, but thankfully no-one here even comes close. The styles of the different artists cover almost every variation of Country Music there is, starting with the up-tempo, old style country of Rhonda Vincent on "I Sang Dixie". The Backsliders follow that with a rocking country take on "Doin' What I Did" and then there's David Ball's plaintive classic style Country and Western version of "This Time".

The different tempos and styles give this collection a nice amount of variation and the CD continues in that vein, slow and mournful one minute and then you're quicksteppin' round the kitchen the next. The star track, however, is the Blazers with "If There Was A Way", a slow, soulful version featuring a deep voiced singer. It's kinda like the Tindersticks with a country twist.

All in all, a very good CD. If you like country, and you like your country eclectic, this is well worth getting. And it's for a good cause.

Bróna Uí Loing

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