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Anne Savage DJ, Producer and all-round busy girl speaks to Iccy on release of the "Tidy Trax - Tidy Girls EP".

Iccy: What first got you interested in Dance Music and the Scene in general?

Anne: I've always loved music of all kinds as long as I can remember. I used to play guitar in a band, but when that didn't work out, I set my heart on being a DJ. That was before acid house had really taken off, I got a job in a club in Italy playing Grace Jones, New Order etc, a real mixture, and when I got back I started going to raves and got hooked on house music. I bought 2 turntables and that was it! I was up all night practising until I could mix.

Iccy: Who or what are your main musical influences?

Anne: I've been collecting records since I was about 9 or 10 and my first influences were Blondie and the Clash, then New Order and Electronic music, Mantronix etc, but I also love Soul, Northern Soul and Disco. You could say I love all music except soft rock and country n' western. Nowadays for Djing, it's so useful having a wide knowledge and appreciation of music.

Iccy: Is there anyone in particular you would like to work with?

Anne: Yes, Madonna, I'd love to remix one of her tracks.

Iccy: Have you got any new or secret projects coming up you would like to tell us about?

Anne: I'm currently working on the next 3 Freakshow releases with Craig Burger Queen, I'm very excited about them and think they are going to be the best on the label. I'm also going into the studio to do my next release for Tidy Trax. It's a solo project this time, which should be interesting. I'm also going to finish off a track I did for Serious records last year, I've just signed to their management, which is really good news for me.

Iccy: What is the Dance Music scene like in Italy these days?

Anne: I haven't been back since I left, but I'd like to.

Iccy: I keep hearing good stories about Canada, what do you think of it?

Anne: I've been playing there since 96 and was one of the first females to ever play there. I have a love affair with the place, It's wicked they still do raves of like 10,000 people, which is amazing. They love the UK sound, they are much more into their music than over here. I've done parties, as they call them, on an Indian Reserve with the Rockies on one side and a glacier and the sea on the other, CRAZY!!!!

Iccy: What would you be doing if you were not making music and DJing?

Anne: I dread to think I could never hold a job down before I gave it all up to DJ full time. I'd probably be a saddo with a second-hand record stall on a market somewhere (no offence to people on markets). I used to travel a lot on my own (still do actually!), so I might be hiking up the Himalayas with a rucksack.

Iccy: I've had a go on the new Tidy Girls EP (very good it is too), is there anything you would like to say about it?

Anne: I think we surprised a lot of the male DJs with how hard it is! I think they expected "Feather Boa" music! All four tracks are wicked, I play them all. They are bouncy, energetic and very DJ Friendly, no matter what order you play them, they fit together a treat!!!

Iccy: Can I ask you for a few favourites?


  1. Club - Sundissential North @ Europa, Leeds or Atomic @ Ottawa in Canada.
  2. Artist - Too many to mention.
  3. Tune - Impossible!!
  4. Studio - Tidy Studio, Rotherham.
  5. Food - Mash
  6. Mode of Transport - Classic Motorcycles

Iccy: OK Anne, thanx for your time.

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