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John "OO" Fleming talks to Mad Iccy in advance of the release of his new album.

Iccy: Tell me what was it that first turned you on to Dance music and the scene in general?

John: I got turned on to clubbing by an older friend who took me clubbing at the age of 14, from that day on I was smitten and started to collect records.

Iccy: So how long ago did you start DJing?

John: I started DJing nearly 15 years ago, I got asked by a local night-club to do an under 18's night when I was 15 and from then on they took me on as a full time resident.

Iccy: Where did you play your first DJ set, and how did it go?

John: The club was Sterns in Worthing (before the legendary Interdance days) I was Pupping myself because I had to talk on the mike to get the punters going.

Iccy: Have you got any particular goals, musically, that you want to achieve?

John: I want to be an innovator and be able to play a set that educates the crowd without throwing in the odd tune that they know, I've almost achieved this especially at the venues I play regularly.

Iccy: What did it feel like to Remix for Gloria Estefan and what did she think of your work?

John: It was bloody hard work. There's a lot more to remixing than meets the eye, you have to follow the original structure of the song, key changes etc. and try to work out the music around it and make it sound different. It was an honour to work with Mrs. Estefan, but you never get to meet the artist or get a feedback of their reaction.

Iccy: Is there anyone else who you would really like to work with?

John: I'd really like to work with the Pet Shop Boys, I feel they've currently lost the plot with their music policy today, but Fleming could put them back on the right pumping energy rails!!! Contact me chappies.

Iccy: I hear you are the biggest UK based DJ in Canada, I would say that is one hell of a buzz as Canada's scene is pretty damned big isn't it?

John: I love Canada, one day I'll live there! Three or four years ago DJs headed for Ibiza, but I decided to go the opposite way and headed for the untouched clubs of Canada. This has paid off for me now as there seems to be a huge Buzz about me, I'm out there next week as the only guest DJ and already they have sold 4,000 tickets, must be my after-shave…

Iccy: I also imagine it must warm the cockles of your heart to know you are one of Danny Rampling's top 5 DJ's in the country?

John: Danny is a brilliant down to earth friend, I was honoured when I heard him announce this on National Radio 1,and it made all my years of hard work and slog worth it.

Iccy: Well I've just had a go on your new album and very nice it is too is there anything you would like to say about it?

John: Yeah get everyone to buy it! I put a lot of hard work this C.D to make it an overall expression of my DJing. I play various sets all over the country varying from deep and hard trance to uplifting to banging to spacey and I've tried to put all those ingredients into this compilation. Most people don't realise but due to the time it takes to license most tracks I had to prepare the tracklisting almost five months ago, so I have had to predict what tunes will be current at the time of release. I think I've done a pretty good job as a lot of the tunes still haven't been released to date and some are going to be big hits, DJ Sakin and friends, Jon the Dentist, Linzi Moore etc.

Iccy: Is there any reason why you are using Torquay for your album launch?

John: Because the Monastery is amazing and the punters are MAD

Iccy: Can I ask you for a few favourite things?

  1. Club: - 'Guverment W' in Canada
  2. Artist: - Matt Darey
  3. Label: - Automatic/React
  4. DJ: - Danny Rampling
  5. Record: - Edge 1 - Edge Records
  6. Remix: - Mine of Edge 1
  7. Mode of Transport: - Aston Martin DB7, also known as a car.
  8. Food: - Chicken Lasagne and Dumplings

Iccy: On the subject of food, do you like Cauliflower Cheese?

John: NO WAY!

Iccy: Is there anything else you want to add?

John: See everyone at the Monastery !!!

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