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Jon the Dentist talks to Mad Icy

Q) What first turned you on to the Dance music in general?

A) Well first of all it wasn't really called dance music when I first started. It was electro and jazz and of course later in 88 acid house (house not techno!!!). Basically the thrill of clubbing and the whole culture got me at a very early stage in my adolescent life.

Q) Being probably one of the busiest people in your field (always DJing and in the studio) what keeps you going?

A) Believe it or not a fairly healthy diet, plenty of exercise (I belong to a gym!) avoiding drugs and alcohol of course and the motivation of loving what I do and appreciating the luck at having some musical ability.

Q) So who are your main influences musically?

A) In my field, Paul Van Dyke, DJ Taucher and Cygnus X. But my main influences are film scores and classical music. I think classical music is the basis of quality trance that if done properly is essentially musical scoring. If you ever want to feel the power of classical music just check out Mozart's requiem - now that's what I call dark!

Q) Who would you most like to work with?

A) I'd like to do a project with Paul Van Dyke or Taucher, and in fantasy music land I'd like to work with any of the following composers, Eric Serra (5th element), Vangelis or the amazing Jon Williams.

Q) Have you got any new projects (especially secret ones) coming up and would you like to tell me about them? (I am a Doctor so you can trust me)

A) I've just done a new single for Additive/Positiva. I am also just putting the finishing touches to my new album, called The Culture. It's sounding pretty good and should be ready for release in May next year.

Q) The Southwest is renowned for being very hard to make a career in music do you have any Advice for the Up 'N' Coming DJ's and Musicians?

A) Work really hard, have total belief in yourself (but be modest!) and move to London! (even though I now live in Cardiff I really couldn't have developed this career anywhere other than the Big City)

Q) What is the Clubscene like in your hometown (Cardiff)? I've heard the Hippo Club Kicks butt.

A) The Hippo rocks, as too does the Emporium (big shout to Tim and Peter!). The only thing that sucks with Cardiff is they really don't care enough about the actual music-you know whereas the whole world and his dog is getting into the new names that are taking the scene into the future, these people turn out on mass for the old names. Shame really coz they are a party crowd. Of course my little gang down here are clued up and do appreciate the new stuff.

Q) What would you be doing if you weren't a DJ/Producer?

A) One of the following:
    a) a writer
    b) an actor
    c) a footballer
    d) an English teacher (!)

Q) Favorites?


  1. Club: Infamous (Bristol), Melt (London), Country Club (Dorchester)
  2. Artist: Paul Van Dyke, Ed Rush 3: Tune: Did you hear me (red light district)
  3. Studio: Mine of course!
  4. Food: Thai cooking is just out there on its own as is my Mum's cooking. !
  5. Mode of Transport: Easy, my monster of a motorbike-I hate winter!
  6. football team: ARSENAL!

Q) Anything else you may want to add. . . . ?

A) Yeah a big shout to all the friends and wicked people that help and support me who are too numerous to mention. But here's a few who need a special shout, Shane, Vicky, Lisa, Paul, Andii, Dave, Peter, Sal and all at Truelove.

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